Friday, February 22, 2013

castle hill

 yesterday evening seven of us hiked up castle hill, which rises above townsville and offers a view of the city, clear blue ocean, and magnetic island. there are several routes up; we opted to take the "goat track," involving lush greenery and and a pretty sharp incline most of the time. it took us about an hour give or take in total to make it to the top and the sweating was definitely well worth it. we were just in time for the sunset, and even a few rainbows could be glimsped amongst the clouds. the walk down was much easier, and i was thoroughly impressed by the many people choosing to run both ways. i really like how active the people are here, and also how environmentally conscious the country is from what i've seen. my only complaint is the weird lack of ice for beverages at JCU & most restaurants i've been.. 

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