Tuesday, February 19, 2013

croc bait

yesterday we walked down this river close to JCU- about a twenty minute walk from main campus. i've heard conflicting stories about freshwater crocodiles living here, but luckily there were no signs of them. swimming in the water was quite strange though, you'd be in a warm patch one second and the next it would get cold- hard to say if it was refreshing or not.

there were however many turtles!

i think these flowers are really cool looking. the plant and animal life in australia is so diverse.

last night was a toga party! each floor of my college was assigned a different color- i am normally not a pink person.. 

also i super randomly got sort of hired to write the menu for this cafe on their blackboard. they were talking to us about how they wanted someone with good hand writing to help them out, and I offered. however towards the end i got a little tired.. needless to say they probably wished they'd gotten an art student to do the job! i won't be offended if its erased in the near future.

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