Monday, May 20, 2013

100 feet below & 2,000 feet above

a little over a month to go and no time to lose! saturday i decided at the last minute to go dive the ss yongala shipwreck. the 350ft passenger ship sank in 1911 during a cyclone and was discovered 100 feet below the surface in 1958. alone on a vast stretch of sand, the yongala now provides a home for a wide diversity of marine organisms. never before had i dove at a wreck site- it was fascinating and so full of life! words can't describe, so here's some amazing photographs taken by my friend joel hughson: 

6 banded angelfish

we saw two nurse sharks!

maori wrasse, one of my favorites

lots of moray eels

& sea snakes!

briana hanging out with a hawksbill turtle

i borrowed ryan's go pro and filmed both my dives. i put together a video compiling some of the best clips and i think it turned out pretty cool for my first time experimenting with imovie! check it out here.

on sunday, i went up north to hervey's range, a mountain range located around 24 miles north of townsville to try out an awesome bouldering spot called harvey's marbles. i went with some fellow climbers and we actually met up with the two guys who had first discovered the area and all of its potential. it was awesome getting tips from some real pros and seeing some truly talented climbers in action!

i've never enjoyed driving more than in australia

gaining elevation

there were boulders to be found for all all skill levels, ranging from V0 to V9. i pretty much stuck with V0 and V1, and despite many failed attempts i solved a few! what i think is really cool about bouldering is that you really have to think out and plan each move. there may not be a high distance to go, but that definitely doesn't mean its going to be easy. 

the most wonderful rock climbing dog

ended the weekend going out to dinner with my arcadia group for a much needed catch-up of the semester. its pretty crazy remembering orientation when we had talked about having an end of the semester dinner, and here its come and gone.. 

another week of classes and then katrina and i are off to sydney! blue mountains here we comeee

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