Thursday, May 9, 2013

aaaand finally some music

some things i miss most about being in LA: coffee shops, yoga, and MUSIC. not enough time has been spent exploring the scene here and discovering new music. besides watching the latest game of thrones episode (can we talk about how boring the last one was?), uploading photos, or pretending to work on homework, i don't spend that much time on my computer searching through  music blogs like i once did. but this past sunday i got to not only experience some australian artists i'd never heard before, but also enjoy hearing some of my favorite bands live at groovin the moo, a music festival held every year in cities across australia. 

people came from all over queensland to the festival held in townsville, which was only a short ride away from JCU. of the lineup, i was most excited for flume and temper trap -- and i was not disappointed! of all the sets, those two were definitely my favorite. tame impala and alpine were great as well, and i wished i'd caught more of example and tegan & sara. 

live music, beautiful weather, and free water.. what more could you ask for!

practicing some headstands in between sets

carolyn crowd-surfing on a mattress during alison wonderland was definitely a highlight of the night

temper trap you are perfect

 besides groovin, nothing particularly blog-worthy has been going on! this week & last week were  the usual mixture of class, rock climbing, and frisbee. last wednesday my arcadia friends and i actually had a lovely potluck dinner. 

i made the ultimate fruit salad: passionfruit, plums, pears, banana, kiwi, and papaya. 

we had a massive amount of pasta, mashed potatoes, veggies, and.. cow heart. can you guess who brought that interesting dish? hint: she's wearing a yellow shirt and her name is katrina. it actually didn't taste too bad at all but lets just say i had a pretty carb heavy meal. cooking with everyone made me really excited to be able to feed myself when I get back to LA! i'm getting a little tired of the same chicken and steamed vegetables st. marks loves to serve (every. single. night). 

in other news, i am incredibly excited for the next three weeks. bouldering at magnetic island, canyoning in the blue mountains, exploring sydney, and backpacking through hinchinbrook island await!

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